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I recently found this book of napkin patterns from 1983. My friends and I remember most of these paper napkins that were part of our everyday lives as children in the eighties. They were also part of our collections (back then many of us collected paper napkins, besides other everyday things like chocolate packaging, stamps, coins, etc). But these beautiful patterns that glow in the light of nostalgia are also a remnant of something else.

The sample book was produced by Ghimbav paper and cellulose factory. The factory still exists, in a privatized form. But its history is mingled with the processes of dismantling the socialist industry. The owner of the consortium Ghimbav factory belongs to bought also another paper and cellulose plant, in Braila, that was part of a huge complex in the eighties, where thousands of people were employed. The complex contained, besides the actual plants, apartment buildings, cafeterias, a school, a fire house, a club were workers could meet, sports teams and music groups, a stadium, buses, etc. This plant was privatized in 2003 and then closed down and torn down, the pattern of erasure and destruction of the recent past being repeated.

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5 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. oooo, i just love this find! i used to have a couple of penpals from Romania and we used to send each other napkins, maybe that’s why the look of them seem so familiar. and those dotty ones remind me of nursery school somehow, maybe we had something similar too.
    thank you for following my blog and for linking up – I’m really enjoying reading yours (have read all your posts, you have so many charming treasures)! looking forward to seeing many more!


    1. I read your blog since a long time and it is so nice to get in touch! Funny that you exchanged napkins with your pen pals, I would also do that (and besides napkins, we would send each other additions to our other collections, such as stamps and stickers and different packaging).


  2. What a great find. I never imagined there could be sample books for napkins, only knew them with upholstery fabric or wallpapers. The patterns are really lovely and the whole collection as such is so special.

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