Souris, one of our two rescue dogs, has anxiety problems that make him quite unpredictable. We love him very much and he has quite a happy life with us, even if he, unfortunately, has to wear a muzzle on the street (he accepted it very easily and doesn’t seem to be aware that he is wearing it). He is especially distrustful and afraid of children, which is not funny, of course, but still this box of threads is funny. I don’t speak German, but google translate says that the R-Zet yarn would repair immediately any hole in the fabric, no matter how big.
I think the box is from the fifties and it still has a lot of its yarn inside.








6 thoughts on “Yarn

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the illustration. We have a small hound/terrier mix who is very nervous. We do not have to use a muzzle, but we are careful with who approaches him. After our 14 year old cat died the other animals were very upset. We had a dog trainer come to evaluate Willie and the other dog to see what we could do. Willie BIT the dog trainer! She was not upset and said it was just part of the job. He was much better after that. Love the darning thread box.


    1. Such a funny story! And I really laughed at the part that Willie felt better after biting :). Souris would also bite the trainer and enjoy the process :), or anyone who enters the house (he stays in one of the rooms when we have guests). Our other dog is quite the opposite, she just adores any human, but she can also be overwhelming for the guests :). Lots of greetings to you and your human and furry family!


  2. i really like old decorated paper goods like this. not so long ago i found an old (poss 60s) sewing card for needles in the junkshop, it had a really nice illustration and i didn’t get it because it cost 2 euros…i regret it ever since. sometimes i’m a bit too thrifty i guess! i find the illustration funny even though as a child i had a dramatic afternoon when a dachshund bit through my right arm – it was bad, the deep wound had to be stapled… still it wasn’t the dog’s fault, i was too small to understand that dogs would protect their food bowl. we were playing family and the dog was the baby and i messed around with its bowl…i’m a bit afraid of dogs every since but i’d like to keep a friendly dog as a pet one day. kudos to you for having a rescue dog with a tricky emotional life, i have a lot of respect for people like you, i don’t think i could do it. xx


    1. Oh, this sounds really traumatic, you experience with the dachshund, I can imagine you’re afraid of dogs… I used to be also painfully afraid of any dog, no matter how small, till my friend brought home our first dog. She is the sweetest and friendliest being and she cured me of my distrust towards dogs. Thank you for your nice words about caring for a traumatized and unstable dog! He creates a lot of logistic problems :), but he is also very gentle and loving to the ones that earned his trust.
      I know the feeling about leaving behind something you really like at the flea market… but maybe you will find again that sewing card, it happened to me before to keep seeing something once I look for it.


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