I have found this silver thimble at my least favorite vendors from the flea market. They always have absurdly high prices for not so interesting items, but while I was looking without much hope through a box of vintage and new sewing notions, I saw this beautiful thimble. And I couldn’t believe the price: approximately 1,5 euro (same as the boring plastic thimbles in the box). I bought it and I almost ran away, afraid they might realize that they just sold me an old silver beauty :). It has amethyst color glass that shows wear (which I really like) and in the inside a date is engraved: 05.03.1936. Maybe the woman who used it first received it as a birthday gift?





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6 thoughts on “Thimble

  1. Gorgeous thimble, very special. I always feel like that when I find something great, I want to get out as fast as I can, afraid someone will realize what an awesome thing I have found for a good price!!


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