A card from the sixties


I found this card while looking among the cards from my childhood collection. It’s from the early sixties. On the back my mother started writing a letter to her cousin (she was probably 7 or 8 judging from the handwriting). I laughed first when I have seen again this image of the Romanian peasant boy playing his flute to the African and Chinese kids. It’s really funny, of course, but also kind of sad at a second glance. A reunion of the oppressed that was never real beyond this rhetoric level, the Romanian boy never learned to be together with ones who are different from him…A Romanian nationalism that was never abolished, not even in socialist times… Anyway, I remember enjoying this card as a kid and really believing it’s about all humans being equals…


One thought on “A card from the sixties

  1. Yes, I remember the sixties where “All the world could be one big family” as a song put it. We could use a little of that idealism now.


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