I bought this brooch at the flea market just because I thought it is pretty and because fall is my favorite season. I imagined it is older (from the eighties) and the texture of the leaves seemed like an interesting plastic. At home, I just randomly googled “autumn leaves brooch”, or something similar and my brooch appeared in several etsy, ebay and rubylane listings as an amber brooch that is quite expensive (over 20 euros or much more, while I paid around 1 euro). This got my attention :), although I was quite skeptical about  the leaves being amber. But still, my brooch is identical to the ones in the listings in every detail: texture, clasp, color, etc (only the number of leaves varies). The brooch has a hallmark “9RK” (the R is reversed, actually the Cyrillic letter Ya). So it was kind of easy to find out that the leaves are actually Baltic amber produced in the Kaliningrad Amber Factory, in former USSR, sometimes after 1947, when the factory was opened (my brooch is probably from the seventies or eighties). I was quiet proud of my flea market intuition :).



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