Let’s call them “quilts”

I wanted to make a quilt for years, but I kept thinking that it is so difficult and you have to work with so much precision. So, I decided to make some sort of “quilts”, in lack of a better name, where I just put together different scraps of fabric in a pleasant way :).

I have made three such quilts. For the first one, I have used all my handkerchiefs from my childhood. Also, my grandmother kept the pieces of fabric that I used as heavy duty handkerchiefs, for times when I had a really runny nose :). I know this sounds gross :), but these fabrics were nicely washed and ironed by my grandmother and kept together with some cloths from my childhood and blankets and such. So, I also included them in my blocks. I really like using this quilt with such familiar patterns, even if some pieces of fabric are really faded. I included some chickens too, to add some color and because I really like chickens.

oct_noi 2011_0007






The second quilt I made collects different scraps that my grandmother and mother kept during the years (from the fifties till the nineties). There are pieces of fabric used for dresses and aprons and curtains. I also included a small embroidery my mother did as a child (it says “Sleep tight, little girl”). I hand sewn the different scraps in more or less similar sized blocks, then hand sewn everything together and machine quilted it with an orange thread. The back is a fabric that I have bought new, I really like the print.







Picture 758

Lulu helped also to arrange the blocks :).

The third quilt is still in progress. I have meant to finish it in January, but it didn’t happen. For this one, I used tea towels bought in second hand stores and at the flea market, with a similar pattern of roses. One of them is embroidered by my friend’s mother. The fabric for the back is from a second hand store, also.







I hope one day I will have the patience to make a real quilt with nicely constructed blocks, but till then I find these very cosy in winter nights.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s call them “quilts”

  1. Wow, these are so beautiful! I love this “untidy” style, it makes them special and more interesting to look at than “normal” quilts. And using all your childhood handkerchiefs and fabric scaps to make them is a great idea. I only have a few from my father when he was a child and don’t want to cut those, but I do buy old handkerchiefs and fabric scraps in charity shops for my hexagon-quilt, though it does contain a lot of fabrics with memories, too (fabric scraps from former projects or garments I couldn’t wear anymore).


  2. Quilts are a great way to preserve memories. My grandmother made many of our clothes growing up. She saved the scraps to make us pocket quilts. She sewed 3″X3″ pockets, filled with batting, and then sewed up the top. When she had enough pockets, she stitched them together block by block for a quilt. I love the tea towel quilt.


  3. i wouldn’t have a doubt over whether these are proper quilts or not – i think they are just as special than any other quilt with a meaning sewn into them because of the fabrics they are made of. i think a lot of quilt makers might be jealous of these for being so genuine, naive and unique – nobody has a quilt like yours! they remind me of old family heirloom quilts, when the lady of the house did just what you did: used the scraps of pretty fabric around the home which were too good to bin or filled with memory to make a blanket for the family to use. thanks again for linking up!


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