Silver, enamel and celluloid

I had a great day at the flea market yesterday! These are some of the things I have found:

A silver charm for one of my charm bracelets:




Another vintage celluloid elephant charm for my collection:


Two celluloid hair clips (probably from the forties):



And a beautiful acorn pendant! It is silver and enamel in guilloche technique. It opens like a box. I searched it online and it is from the beginning of the twentieth century (1910?, 1920?) and it used to hold a small collapsible cigarette holder for women (mine doesn’t have it anymore). I have seen in finished listings that it is quite expensive (over one hundred dollars). I payed around 10 euros for mine. It is even in my favorite color :). DSCN8923



Linking up with Thriftasaurus and Vintage Bliss Tuesdays party.

4 thoughts on “Silver, enamel and celluloid

  1. I agree – it looks like something in a forties movie where the heroine dumps poison from her pendant into the villain’s drink. Oh, the stories that piece could tell.


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