Daily planners

I didn’t plan to collect these notebooks, it somehow happened. I picked one up a few years ago, because it was so nice and it had a golden pencil and it was blank. I thought I will maybe use it myself, if I manage to figure out which year will match 1959 (with the same weekdays in the same dates of the year). But somehow I never checked this and also I didn’t like the vibe of it, to use at the beginning of the year, when everything is new and potential something so old.

But the planner is very pretty. It has maps inside and lots of info the “modern man” would need, even a photographic film exposure chart.







Later, I found at the flea market a lot of daily planners. None of them blank, so I thought I’m not interested, but they were so nice and in good shape and I thought maybe I could use them for my drawings, etc. I bought a few of them, the oldest ones (I left behind some from the sixties, and at home I regretted not buying those also). One of them is also from 1959, from the same company as “the modern man”, but this one is for the “elegant woman”. It is covered in green velvet, it is really small and without any information pages. It used to belong to a woman in Bruxelles. The same name appears in an older one, from 1939, when Yvette used to live in Paris. I plan to read what she had written, but it is very difficult to understand her handwriting. I also have two planners from 1944, one of them belongs to another woman, to Marie, and the other doesn’t have the name of the owner, but judging by the handwriting could have belong to Yvette.





DSCN8981 DSCN8983












I also have two random blank ones, one of them, from 1963, I picked up in Berlin because I liked the pencil, and the other one is a very small Romanian one that I liked because it is from 1968.

DSCN8998 DSCN9000 DSCN9001



This last notebook belonged to my grandfather. He wrote in it work related to do lists when I was a few months old.



I have ambiguous feelings about these books. I like the fact that random and fragmentary daily life events (going to the cinema, meeting someone, old phone numbers) survived. I would like to use these notebooks for something, without erasing the entries of their previous owners, but also I can’t get rid of the sadness that envelopes these books. So, for now, I keep them in this painted wooden box, that shares the same melancholy and somehow morbid beauty.


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3 thoughts on “Daily planners

  1. Lovely collection–I enjoy old diaries and journals–some of the sentiments, the handwriting, the history. My daughter is following in my footsteps. She recently bought a few old letters at an estate sale and has been fascinated with them.

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