Antique coin purse

This is one of my favorites flea market finds. It’s a mother of pearl coin purse, from the late 19th century. It is beautifully carved with a bird and roses and a letter where its first owner’s name is written: Louise. The inside is blue silk, and it is in reasonably good condition for its age. I keep inside another small treasure: a very tiny elephant charm (it’s approximately 1 cm long) . The vendor said it’s bone, but fortunately I’m sure it’s some kind of resin, judging from its texture. DSCN9031  







4 thoughts on “Antique coin purse

  1. I have a very similar elephant that was my inheritance from my great-grandmother’s estate. It’s more white than yours and I was told it was made from ivory.


    1. I have seen this charms in different materials (celluloid, plastic, also ivory). I’m sure mine is not some organic material, even it doesn’t seem to be plastic either. I also think it’s old, and if it is a very similar design with yours, it could be a cheap one from the same period. Thank you for your comment!


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