Children sewing book

I didn’t have this charming book as a kid, but I would have definitely love it. It is about a girl that, while picking up her little sister from the kindergarten, realizes that the kindergarten dolls have torn and dirty clothes. She and her school mates talk to the kindergarten teacher and offer to help. They ask their mothers for scraps of fabric and for yarn and they sew and knit clothes for the dolls. At the end of the book there are a few pages of patterns and instructions about simple sewing and knitting.  Even if only girls sew and knit in this book and there are no brothers involved in helping out the kids and the teacher at the kindergarten, still it was such a nice story about responsibility and care. And the tutorial pages at the end make it also very real, the kid reading the book could also start doing things herself. The book was published in 1980 and it was a collaboration between Romanian and German printing houses.











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6 thoughts on “Children sewing book

  1. What a cute book. I really like the idea of combining a story with some tutorials, could still work today, I think.
    And it’s interesting to see that despite it is always stated that the German Democratic Republic did so much for gender equality they still used the same clichés as the western countries.


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