Charm ring

I have had this brass charm ring for a while but I recently started wearing it. When I have seen it at the flea market, the vendor casually told me that she has it from a guy working at the cemetery who found it while digging for a grave. Of course this is not a provenance to forget or ignore. I didn’t mention it at all yesterday to a co-worker who commented on my ring. I didn’t think that she would be scared or disgusted, but it just didn’t seem right to say it, without explaining further why I wear it and why I like it. This ring was probably important to someone, it accompanied her to her grave and was there while her body became earth again. Then it surfaced and it will be with me for a while. I like to think about this closeness to a woman I have never met, about whom I know absolutely nothing, this closeness that is so physical and so immaterial also. Her fingers were a bit bigger than mine, but I can wear it if I stack it with other silver bands. When I bought it, it was so dark and tarnished that the pattern was barely visible. It polishes up really nicely in contact to my skin and clothes and now I can see the warm color of the metal and the nice pattern on the band.

I have no idea how old it is, I tried to search it online but I didn’t see anything similar yet.




4 thoughts on “Charm ring

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this. What a unique piece, and I love the story.

    I have some ID bracelets that I bought at Goodwill that I feel that same “this was somebody’s, they cherished it, and now they are dead but I will remember them by wearing it” feeling. I think it’s nice to carry their things for them.

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  2. What a special ring and what an interesting story. I can’t help you with the dating either, sorry.
    I have a silver plated bracelet with a blessing on it, I assume it was given to a child for maybe the first communion. I like it not because of the religious backround (I am no really religious), but for the same reasons as you like yours, because it meant a lot to somebody a long time ago and it feels like a connection to somebody long gone.

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