Kokeshi doll and some other small things

I wanted a vintage kokeshi doll since a long time. Yesterday I have finally found one and it is also a really small one! And it is so detailed and well made.





I have also found other really small vintage wooden toys, some with funny rhinestone eyes.






Another thing that I wanted for a long time is a celluloid or bakelite Scottie dog something :), a brooch or pendant or such a thing. I found yesterday this small photo album with Scotties on the cover. I suppose they are celluloid but I don’t know how to test them as long as I cannot submerge them in hot water. Maybe they could also be bakelite? Judging from the clothes and hair cuts of the people in the photos, the album is from the forties. The photos are not very interesting but still nice, so they will go to my found photos collection in a separate envelope to keep them together and I will probably use the album for some photos, drawings and small embroideries about our dogs.





And, lastly, I have found these two celluloid bangles. I really like them together, with their soft colors. DSCN9236

Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays party.

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