My friend found these for me!

She visited the flea market yesterday and brought back home all these things for me! The most spoiled way of thrifting :).

Two more additions to my Art nouveau collection (I wrote about the collection here). It’s a brass necklace with a sapphire and a brass brooch with a silver and turquoise flower.




A silver brooch:


Another brooch and a pair of earrings that are made out of onyx. They look so much like plastic (and I like that) but they have the coldness of a stone. The brooch has its clasp mounted in some kind of resin that doubles the carved stone. I have never seen anything like it. The vendor said the set is Romanian. I guess it’s prewar, judging from the type of clasp, but I’m not sure.





This is a tiny plastic charm, nothing old or special but great for me because it looks so much like one of our dogs. I want to collect some dog charms for a bracelet, and this is my second one.


I’m not sure about the material of this very tiny penguin (some kind of resin I suppose). I love how small and detailed he is. DSCN9325


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