Last year I participated in Lola Nova‘s Stitched Journal Project. I have joined it later, in March, and I want to have at least one year of monthly embroideries. This is my piece for January. I have to finish one more piece, the February one, and then I will post here all the twelve months. But I will definitely continue doing these embroideries, even if maybe not every month.

For this one, I used a handwoven canvas, which is very nice in itself, in a soft, natural color. Its threads are not even, which makes stitching more challenging, but it worked fine for this kind of image. It took a lot of work :), I have just finished it today, but I like how drawing with thread allows to really insist on surfaces and re-make details until you are content with them without loosing the vibration and freshness of the work, as it would happen with paints and paper.




5 thoughts on “Portrait

  1. Wow, this is amazing. Your tiny hand-stitches are so perfect and how they follow the face’s lines, so beautiful. What thread did you use, this looks so much thinner than standard embroidery thread?


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