Old cameras and old photos

I wanted this Etjud (Etude) Soviet camera for a long time. I like its funny shape and I have seen some interesting photos on flickr. I have finally found it at some point at the flea market for almost nothing. It was produced between 1969 and 1984 and it takes 120 film. It is a simple camera, intended for kids and it used to be very cheap and affordable for everyone.



Later, I have found a few photos in the flea market, from the seventies most probably. The date is not written on the photos although the location is handwritten on the back of them: they were taken during a vacation on the Danube, in Romania. One of the boys have an Etjud camera around his neck. I’m not sure if the rest of the photos from the trip are taken with Etjud or some other camera. They were processed in an amateur lab. They have such a happy atmosphere.





These photos are taken by me with Etjud. It’s not the best toy camera I have, I have had better results with some other 120 plastic lens cameras in my collection (like, for example AFS that I have written about here), but still, I think it is a very charming camera.



I also have another old photo, much older than the ones taken by the kids in their Danube trip. I’m not sure what camera this little boy holds, the photo is so dark, but I like to imagine it is this Agfa Billy Record one I have 🙂 (although it looks to be a different camera, but anyway …:).


I bought the camera online, because I really wanted to take photos with an old one and this model is quite affordable. It was produced between 1933-1949. It’s such a beautiful objects in itself and I also like the fact that something so old can still be used. Mine is still working, although the shutter speeds are not accurate at all and there is some issue with the lens, too. But I like the dreamy atmosphere of the photos I take with it.






poza 1

These narrow photos were taken on regular 36 mm film that I have improvised to work in the camera.





5 thoughts on “Old cameras and old photos

    1. There is still possible to buy film in my city or online. I was even lucky enough sometimes to find film at the flea market, expired but still ok to use. There are labs that process color film in my city and black and white I can process myself.

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  1. Great to know that I am not the only one who loves analogue film. Unfortunately I can’t add another hobby to my life, therefore I don’t develop the photos myself, but send them to a lab (which makes them almost too perfect and at the same time expensive).
    Love your old Agfa, I have a simliar camera, a Voigtländer Bessa from the 1930ies. The lens is a little dirty but I loaded it last week with a film and will try if it works nontheless.


    1. I also don’t develop the color film, it would be much to expensive to do it at home, but fortunately in Romania is still quite affordable to process in one hour labs only the film (without printing the photos). It’s around 2 Euros per film. I scan the photos at home, my scanner is not the best but kind of ok. I process the black and white film myself, and that is expensive and of course time consuming too, so I don’t shoot often black and white, even if it can be so beautiful.


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