Cacti and succulents

I am lucky to have one window that gets sun all day long. A perfect place for cacti and succulents, even if it is kind of small (and I always have to take space into account when I think about bringing home a new plant). One of the succulents bloomed these days. The tree shaped plant next to it seemed dead for such a long time but I couldn’t bring myself to trow it out. I’m so glad I postponed, because it’s not dead after all, it’s now full of new leaves.




The doll head is a flea market find, it is a ceramic head from the eighties maybe. It was very cheap and great for a small cacti.



The flower stand used to belong to my grandmother, it was bought in the fifties and I remember it well as a child, when it was painted in mint green.



The big cacti was a gift. My friend started two years ago an urban garden next to our building. She is very much appreciated by many of the neighbors for the pretty garden. One morning we have found this huge cacti in the garden. Of course it is not a plant that could be outside in the cold winter and humid spring/fall, so I took it home to my sunny window. A few days later we have met one lady from the neighborhood that we know because she has a dog, also. She asked about the cacti, she was the one leaving it for us and she was glad that the plant is safe and very appreciated! I hope it will bloom this spring.


These cacti were also left by someone (unidentified, this time) in the garden. It was a long stick, cut out from a bigger plant, with some damage in the middle. We have cut out the damaged part, put them into sand until they grew roots and they are ok now. Rescued cacti :).

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4 thoughts on “Cacti and succulents

  1. i’m so glad you linked this up! ๐Ÿ™‚ i love cacti (and succulents) too when i was a teen I had a collection. any time we went to the capital i had to get a mini cactus. some of them even survived and grew into fairly big monsters. i used to pull out those fake flowers that they were sold with – it’s plant cruelty in my opinion to stick fake flowers on pieces of wire into the flesh of a cactus. we’ve just had a baby so it’s not a good idea maybe to start a collection again, but my boyfriend bought a little cactus to complement a brass planter we found in the flea shop. i guess we’ll just have to put it way out of reach of the kid ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway love your windowsills and the prickly residents!

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