Art deco

These are my two flea market finds from this Sunday: a dress clip (maybe part of a duet? or it’s actually a shoe clip?) from gold tone metal and clear rhinestones and a tiny lipstick holder. Both of them are from the thirties or forties. I have already wore the clip today, on the pocket of my sweater. The lipstick holder is from the brand Khasana. I’m not sure what material it is, if it is bakelite or some harder plastic. The smell test is sometimes so confusing to me. My friend’s aunt is visiting from the States soon and we asked her to bring us 409 formula :). “It’s not even so good for cleaning…” she said :). DSCN9458





Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesday party.

8 thoughts on “Art deco

  1. Could the clip be from a pair of pump clips? I wore clips similar to this one on my dress shoes in the sixties. I did not know the 409 test, I just smell!

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    1. I have also thought that they could be shoe clips, but the clip mechanism on the back is kind of long, so I think they could have been really uncomfortable. But, I’m not sure… About the time frame, I am almost sure they are older than the sixties, because of the feel of the materials. Were your clips bought new in the sixties?


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