I have a collection of really professional tools :). All of them are flea market and junk store finds.

I wanted a working children toy sewing machine for a long time, but they are quite expensive online. I would have liked a Romanian one called Rodica, which is also the name of my friend who is very good at sewing, so it would have been a nice match :). But this Soviet one is the next best thing, actually I think is better then the plastic Rodica, this one is metal and she works really nice. She has a simple chain stitch and I used it quite a lot already for my embroideries and also for some pouches I have made. Here she is, pictured with real Rodica’s sewing machines, ones that I also plan on using more in the future.



Another plan is to learn how to weave. I have found in different occasions these three toy looms. Two of them, with already started pieces on them, are West German. The one with the hand painted flowers is Bulgarian.









All of these impressive tools 🙂 are from the seventies or early eighties.


5 thoughts on “Tools

  1. What a cute sewing machine. My father “collects” childrens sewing machines, though he refuses to pay a lot for them (like you, a hunter who searches on flea markets).
    And I have a loom like this, too. Always wanted to learn tapestry weaving, but I simply cannot find the time. I love the bulgarian one, the technique to open the shed is much more professional than with the round wooden thing that is common for children’s looms here.


    1. When I have read on your blog about your father’s toy sewing machine collection, I was sooo curious. 🙂 I would like an electrical one, too, mine is operated by hand, but I think this would be quite difficult to find in working condition.


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