I really like this camera that looks like it escaped from a seventies science fiction movie. I have found it at the flea market in its box, with one film pack still in there. Probably the initial owners used one of the films, got bored and donated the camera still in its box. I payed for it around 3 Euros. I used it a lot since then. The film is expensive, but at least I can order it in Romania and I even was lucky enough to find a few packs at the flea market. The photos could be kind of boring though, because the flash goes off automatically if it’s not enough light and outside everything is too blue and somehow not sharp enough/not blurry enough. But it is nice for capturing funny, everyday moments.



Sometimes, I use a filter that I keep in front of the lens to get rid of the blue hue and to have a more interesting effect. I have a collection of different filters that I have found at the flea market in various occasions. I always look for them and I have found all these for very cheap. The green one has a nice bakelite box.





DSCN9513 DSCN9515

These are some examples of photos taken with some of the filters. The last one is without a filter, it is just funny :).

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006


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