The river

This kitsch but so pretty to me šŸ™‚ small paintings were always with me. They were on the wall in the living room of my grandmother’s apartment, where I grew up. They are watercolors painted in the early thirties by a local painter from the little Transilvania town where my grandmother was born. My great grandmother bought them. My grandmother remembered this painter from her childhood because he was a friend of her uncle. She remembered the painter in the stereotypical image of the “artist”: with a black cape, a large hat and a gloomy mood :). He signed this small watercolors: Popovici M. My mother remembers visiting the exact spot where this watercolors were painted, on a river that crosses Beius, my grandmother’s town. This is so strange to me, because the images have an exotic feel, I would have said they are painted from imagination, but my mother says the location was kind of similar. They still have their original painted wooden frames and the original very thin glass. We used to have a third one, same location but in the night, painted in blues and with a very romantic full moon :). I really hope it wasn’t lost in the big move my grandmother had from one town to another, in the nineties. I still hope it will turn out eventually, hidden in the back of some cupboard or in a box or something. The two paintings I still have hang now in my room and I can see them from my bed at night. DSCN9536 DSCN9539 DSCN9533 DSCN9545 DSCN9557 DSCN9565

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3 thoughts on “The river

  1. My grandmother has decorated her guest bath with small watercolors she has collected in her travels. I’ve always enjoyed looking at them. It’s wonderful that yours have such a direct family connection.

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