I don’t necessarily collect toy tea sets or other doll dishes (and I don’t intend to start collecting them) but I have found some dishes that were too nice to leave behind.

This pottery plates and bowl were in a box at the flea market among other vintage things (from the fifties or older). So, I assumed they are from the same period, and also the design and wear on the dishes seems old. Searching them online, they are sometimes listed as being from the twenties. Also, I have found a French listing that shows a set produced in 1998-1999, as a reproduction of the original vintage tea set. In the photos, the reproduction set has different drawings than mine, but in the end I don’t know if this is a well loved toy from the nineties or is it a really old one. I really like it anyway, and the size of the bowl makes it usable for people too, not just dolls :).

Searching further, I have found that the company was funded in 1972, so yes, it’s not an old toy.










Another set of doll dishes I have is also a mystery. I have found these tin plates in two different occasions at the same vendor at the flea market. I don’t know what language it is the writing on them (I would really appreciate help on this), but the way the lobsters are drawn seems Japanese to me. They are really small and they seem old, but again they could be only heavily played with. DSCN9596





Another thing for my dolls is this beautiful doll quilt my friend made for me as a birthday present in October. It is for one of my favorite dolls, I have written about her here.




This is the back of the quilt.


My dolls have an well equipped household. 🙂

And the dogs enjoy the quilt, too. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Domestic

  1. wow those tiny lobster plates are pretty amazing! the writing looks like japanese, even though they write in so called chinese characters, but i think the red stamp is more of a japanese thing when signing artwork. i might be wrong but that’s what comes to mind. is there anything on the back of the plates?


  2. The red ironstone dishes are adorable – even if they are not antiques. What a wonderful friend to make a quilt for your favorite doll.


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