Silver and gold

I’ve asked my friend: “Do you think I should write about my mesh purse on the blog or is it too silly?”  “Too silly.” “And random, too?”, “Yeah…” ” Silly can be nice, too”, I said. So, silly and random it is.

I found this mesh purse some time ago at the flea market. It is not silver and it’s not really old (I guess it’s from the sixties), but it is nicely made, with a pretty, detailed frame. Both my friends consider these bags really, really ugly, even the silver Victorian ones (that I like a lot, but I didn’t find a cheap one, yet). I spent one long afternoon to knit for the one I have a chain made from metallic thread and I fixed the chain in place with two old mother of pearl buttons. In the end it’s a very pretty object, all the textures are really good together. But it looks completely stupid if I try to wear it. If I wear it like a purse, it is too small and it hangs awkwardly against my hip. Also, what to put in it, it is even too small for my keys. 🙂 If I wear it around my neck, like a necklace, it is even stupider, as it is much too big for that.





The gold part in the title is about this ring my mother gave me a few days ago. She bought it in 1978 from a friend who received it as a gift from Canadian relatives. It wasn’t new when my mother bought it, but I suppose it’s not older than the sixties or early seventies. I like a lot the star burst design and the beautiful setting of the stone. I would never buy gold new (there are not a lot of things that I buy new, anyway), but definitely I wouldn’t buy something that is usually obtained in such harmful ways towards nature. But I wear vintage gold, especially in this case when it was a gift. I suppose this is a wedding ring, but the way I stack it with other rings hides this. No one asked me yet if I got married suddenly :).






2 thoughts on “Silver and gold

  1. I would use the purse as a decoration in the house. Perhaps hanging from a mirror. Beautiful ring! We try to buy our food from local farms and most of our clothing comes from secondhand shops.

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