Books about photography

I usually buy these books about the technical aspects of photography when I see them at the flea market or at used books stands. They were written in socialist times (the ones I have are from the fifties till early eighties) and they were intended for amateurs. They are quite useful. Actually I have learned how to use a SLR camera and to process my films reading one of these books, in the early  nineties when I was a bored art student learning photography by myself. I still use that book when I check for proportions and time in processing my films. They do have though many times, besides charmingly dated naive jokes, a patronizing tone. And of course the reader, the photography enthusiast who is addressed in these books, is always male  both in the text of the books and in the illustrations also (even if it is only a naked little boy on the beach, photographing the sea).

These one, from 1956, is a second edition of a translation from Russian. The examples in it (with a strange, dramatic contrast in the print) are also by Soviet photographers. DSCN9750 DSCN9759 DSCN9760 DSCN9761 DSCN9762 DSCN9764 DSCN9766 DSCN9767

The rest of the books I have are from Romanian authors.

DSCN9755 DSCN9756 DSCN9832

DSCN9769 DSCN9751 DSCN9752

DSCN9754 DSCN9757DSCN9783 DSCN9787 DSCN9789 DSCN9830 DSCN9831 DSCN9772 DSCN9773 DSCN9774 DSCN9778 DSCN9779 DSCN9780 DSCN9785 DSCN9771

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2 thoughts on “Books about photography

  1. Oh, so many different books! While I can’t stop myself when I see a camera, I do limit myself when it comes to book about photography. I have one 70ies book for children that explains everything I need (and more as I do bring my films to a laboratory and don’t process the films myself), but it’s great to see such a variety of them.


    1. I also try not to buy all the photography books I see (they really published a lot of them in socialist times and in large numbers, so they are easy to find). But, sometimes it’s hard to resist… 🙂


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