Romanian 120 films

I have found these four films and one more that was outside its cardboard box at the flea market in 2011. They expired in 1993. They were there, in the sun, in a pile of junk. The factory that produced them, Azomures, is a name that used to be so familiar. The films that my mother used as a young woman. Me buying these films and chemicals in my early twenties.

The branch of the plant producing photosensitive materials closed down in 2003 as it wasn’t lucrative enough.

I tried to see if it is possible to obtain some images from these films. The first one came out blank, I wasn’t exposing it right (they are 200 ASA films, and I exposed the first one as 100, but still I wasn’t pushing it enough). I exposed the next 2 as 50 ASA and I also pushed the processing. I like some of the images. The fourth one, that I have just processed these days, was again almost blank, just three very dark images out of 12. I kept it for too long without exposing it. I still have the last one, the one that came without a box. Probably it’s not possible to get something on it, but I will try anyway some very long exposures.














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