Socialist neighborhoods

I always search for these kinds of postcards with Romanian slightly idealized socialist cityscapes. The ones I show here are from the sixties and seventies, from Timisoara and Bucharest. I don’t have many with the atmosphere I’m looking for. A freshness and hopefulness, like the world has just begun. Of course, I’m partially just projecting on them the hopelessness of the times we are living now. But still…
The socialist regime took over a country not just destroyed by the war, but also strongly polarized between rich and poor from before the war. Cities with beautiful architecture surrounded by slums.

I have lived all my life in apartment buildings built in socialism and this is true for the big majority of people I know. (Playing around construction sites as kids is a common memory for my generation.) Neighborhoods built with a plan (school, kindergarten, grocery shops, cinema and library, etc.), according to the needs of the everyday life and not to the pulsations of capital.
I remember seeing as a 7 or 8 year old a photo in a magazine showing homeless people in cardboard shelters on a street in an American city. I was completely shocked: I never knew there are people who live on the streets.






Besides looking for these postcards, I also take photos of streets and neighborhoods built during socialism. I take these photos at sunsets or just before the storm or when there is fog, hoping that the light will blur the commercial banners that hang on the buildings. It doesn’t always…

febr-iunie 2011_0005

febr-martie 2013_0001

febr-martie 2013_0004

fed _mai 2013_0012



5 thoughts on “Socialist neighborhoods

  1. funny how there never was a communist era in finland but the town i live in looks a lot like any town that’s been (re)developed in the 60s-70s in the socialist countries. i guess russia is just too big an influence to have around. i really like that you post about these memories of yours. keep it up! x

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    1. Ce fain ca exista o vedere cu un bloc in care ai locuit! Pana acum nu am gasit vederi cu blocuri in care am stat eu, dar mai caut :). Ma uitam la cele din Timisoara, care par asa idealizate, desi nu sunt neaparat foarte retusate. Doar ca apar foarte putine masini in ele :), chiar si in cea cu intersectia.


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