Bakelite and rhinos

This is what I’ve found yesterday at the flea market:

Two little rhinos for our kitchen shelf. They are carved in a pink-grey stone. (The small landscape vases in the back are also junk store finds from some time ago).


Finally, a bakelite ring, I have wanted one for such a long time! This one is definitely bakelite, it has a very strong fishy smell under warm water. I like the color, although I would have preferred it without rhinestones, but kitsch is also fun, isn’t it. It’s from the fifties or sixties and in great shape.




I have also found this filigree Ottoman style silver earrings and pendant, with enamel and gold accents.



This Tuareg silver and ebony ring was too beautiful to leave behind, even if it’s not my style. But I gave it to one of my friends and she really likes it.


Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


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