Vintage craft supplies

One of my favorite things to thrift are vintage craft supplies. It’s so satisfying to find quality stuff, usually quite expensive to buy new, for really low prices, and also there is something so nice about looking through someone’s sewing box and giving those once cherished things a new use.

One junk shop in Timisoara is especially good for sewing/knitting/crocheting stuff. It’s the kind of shop where there are lots and lots of junk to search through, some with prices on them, others not and you get a total price for all the stuff you want at the counter. The guys who own it don’t care at all about the “women” things :). While the “men” tools can be priced quite highly, crafting supplies are really, really cheap. I found there in the last two years lots of pretty buttons, scissors, needles, yarn, etc. These is just a small selection of the things I have.

I’m not sure what these yarns were used for, maybe for repairing holes in socks and stuff? Anyway, I really like their muted colors and I will use them to weave something.






These cotton yarn balls have so nice colors and they are really good for crochet.




Very thin sewing thread, perfect for tiny embroidery stitches.


Tin and plastic boxes with needles and other things.




Big wooden boxes for crochet and knitting needles. And different sizes of crochet hooks. I especially like the really thin ones with wooden holders.




A strange little instrument called Witch.



This other tool is still a mystery to me (maybe something for punching holes in thick materials like leather)? It has a nice box, anyway. The ugly little bear was in a sewing box (it’s an eighties copy of an antique bear, stuffed with wood shavings). My friend told me he looks like me when I wear lipstick :).



A really tiny cardboard box with safety pins and a huge safety pin.


To be continued … 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Vintage craft supplies

  1. So much lovely stuff! I buy very similar things when going to charity shops :-).
    The yarn is as you suggest darning cotton to repair socks, I have loads of it, too.
    And the Witch actually works, I have one, too (and never use it).
    Old crafting supplies are so beautiful and really easy do come by, I must have savedalralready so much money compared to what all this cost new.


    1. Definitely! I bought recently a new embroidery loop (I have a few thrifted ones, but I needed a certain size) and it felt so expensive… I got used to buy this stuff at the junk shops and flea market…


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