Signet ring, brooches and dog

These are just part of the things I have found yesterday at the flea market.

My favorite find is this really small size signet ring, that probably was made for a child. It only fits my pinky from my left hand. It’s silver with a gold plated part, and it is kind of roughly made. I have not idea about the period, but it’s definitely vintage. DSCN8676



This rhinestone bracelet is from the fifties and it’s really well preserved, without missing stones. I really like that the stones are not that sparkly anymore. The marcasite brooch is not a perfect match but they look really nice together.




This brooch, from filigree brass, is marked Czechoslovakia on the clasp. It’s really nice and old (from the thirties or forties), but most of the rhinestones are missing. I’ll try to replace them with some matching old ones, when I find some.



A small celluloid pendant.


A copper thing that I don’t know what it was supposed to be (part of a necklace? a key chain?, although it’s maybe too delicate for that). Anyway, I liked all the details on this fifteenth century lady.


The vendor, which is my favorite at the flea market, gifted me this pretty silk coin purse to put all my finds in.


This dog is nothing special in itself, just a plastic toy, but it has the exact posture that my dog takes when frightened. “Better to look really menacing than afraid…” :).



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