I have found these two glass sheet photos in a box at the flea market and I have bought them for almost nothing. They are quite beautiful (especially the one with the children and father or older brother looking down from a high balcony). I wonder what city that is. I tried to google the text, but I found nothing. It could be Brussels, maybe? The vendor told me they bring their things from Belgium and the writing is in French. I think part of the writing is covered by the black tape that protects the edges of the glass, and this is why it makes no sense, but I don’t want to unglue that tape. There is the year 1934 hand written on the glass.

I tried to find out how this process was called, getting a positive image on a sheet of glass. It’s ambrotype or wet plate collodion process. The images are very detailed and sharp, but quite difficult to scan or photograph. DSCN8697








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