Contact print

I think this is a contact print photo from a large sheet film. It’s really beautiful and mysterious, a favorite from my collection.

It has an inscription in Hungarian on the back: “Szeretetten emlekul”, and the signature, Seiler Kato.  I understand some Hungarian and I always thought this means “I lovingly give you this as a souvenir”. (Or, “I remember you with love”). Still, I wasn’t sure which one of these two is the right translation and I was uncertain about the form of the verb, something didn’t feel right. So I typed this in google translate. Both in Romanian and English it is translated as “They have gained as a souvenir”. Much less romantic :)… to me this sentence brings the image of something gained at a country fair. Definitely google is wrong and my Hungarian is better :).

But still, I’ll ask a Hungarian friend about it and update this later.



Update: I asked my friend who’s mother tongue is Hungarian about the right translation and he said it is “I give you this as a souvenir with love.”


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