Most of the antique and vintage photos I have are, of course, studio photos. But even in the ones taken outside, the people in them pose for the photographer. I like a lot these two photos, that look like the capture of an everyday moment. Neither of them has a date, but I suppose they are from the forties, judging from the outfits and hair stiles. Maybe the one with the woman walking on the street is staged, but it still has the unpredictability of the walkers by. It is definitely made by a professional photographer, obvious not just from the quality of the photo, but also from the sleeve  in which I have found the photo, with the logo of a studio in Liege. The one with the girl on the bicycle it’s an amateur photo, just a snapshot on a sunny day. It was much appreciated, though, I have found it together with some other photos of this woman in a small leather cover, made especially for holding photos. The cover was in a much too bad shape to be repaired, but I keep her photos together.





5 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Here in the US, professional photographers used to take photos of people walking in the shopping districts. He would take their address and post the photos in his shop window. You could purchase the photo for a small fee. I have several of my mother and grandmother like this.

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