Wooden boxes

I bought this acorn shaped box at the flea market, thinking it was intended to be kept on the desk, holding the pen and ink bottle. Not that I would need such a thing, but it is so nicely made in beautiful wood, that I just couldn’t leave it behind (even if I try to reduce my buying and limit it as much as possible to small things). Searching it online, I realized the acorn is actually an ashtray (with a cigarette holder and a box for matches and stuff). But I also thought it would be very good for my ring collection. The ashtray is very practical to hold the rings I choose to wear, when I am deciding which ones to pick for the day. And it looks really nice on my shelf with the wooden and brass birds and the plastic deer.






This box, another flea market find, with its collapsible compartments was also something for smoking, a cigarette holder, I guess. Now, it’s a very pretty display case for some of my favorite brooches.








Collecting is an addiction too, isn’t it, even if much healthier and nicer than smoking.


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