Bakelite and silver

I have found yesterday at the flea market this very intriguing brooch. The base is bakelite, on which it is glued a silver center and small silver and turquoise or blue plastic beads. The clasp is an old type one. Very strange, with a sort of improvised look, a bit clumsy and uncentered. I had the impression that someone manufactured it from different components, of different ages. But, at home, I searched for “bakelite, silver and turquoise beads” and I found a very similar brooch, with the exact same materials (tested bakelite), colors, clasp, placing of the beads, only with a rectangular shape. It is listed as an art deco brooch from the thirties or forties. So, definitely, my brooch is not something put together from found pieces if another one like it exists in a different part of the world.




Another thing with an improvised air is this silver pendant. It was obviously made by someone sometimes in the seventies. I like it a lot and it is very much my style.






I’m not sure if I will keep these silver and real amber clip-on earrings as such or I’ll transform them into a ring and pendant.



I have also found this bakelite hart pendant.


And this assortment of interesting buttons (the one with the white flowers and the square brown ones are bakelite).




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