Climbing the hill

Some time ago, looking around in the junk shop my friend spotted this framed and signed photograph. It is beautifully shot and processed and carefully framed. It’s the kind of shop where they give you a price at the counter, mostly according to the whims of the guys owning the shop (who are very nice, fortunately). We expected to hear a high price, but they seemed to value only the frame (I don’t remember exactly, but it was I think something like 2 Euro). I really envied my friend for it, although I enjoy it too on the wall of her room. We tried to search for the name of the photographer, but we couldn’t find anything. Judging from the clothes of the woman and girl in the photo, it is probably from the thirties or forties.



A few weeks later, in the same junk shop, we found another photo of the same photographer. This one is in my room. I’m not sure if it is the same spot, but I like to imagine that this is the scenery that opened to the eyes of woman and daughter after they climbed the hill.




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