One year in stitches

aprili 2015_0014 Last year in March, I have started doing one embroidery per month, inspired by Lola Nova‘s challenge. I have always liked doing fabric and thread related crafts, as an anxious child, as an insecure teenager, as a disappointed art student. But I never took it seriously enough to show it to other people besides my friends, especially while studying in my macho art university. Doing this modest women’s work and see a very concrete, physical result that is completely in your control is still my best way of calming down racing thoughts. Embroidery is so soothing and forgiving, you cannot really make a mistake, if you don’t like the result you can always cover it up with another fabric or rip out the stitches and start again fresh. I use materials that were used before by other women (needles, scissors, most of the threads, most of the embroidery loops, most of the fabrics are second hand finds). I also use the fabric of colorful stockings of my friends and I, when they have holes in them. Once, in an especially clean and organized sewing tin I have found at the junk store, I have found some pieces of white cotton, from a child’s shirt, carefully kept in the tin. I didn’t have the heart to trow them away, and having an embroidery project in which to include them felt really good. Some of the other pieces of fabric I used were part of my mother’s or grandmother’s dresses many, many years ago. One of them is made on a piece from my childhood room curtains. Two of the embroideries are made on precious, beautiful fabric handwoven sometimes in the seventies. This last piece is a portrait of our dog, Lulu. My friend is working on a fashion project and she made the drawing on her sewing machine. She didn’t like it and discarded it, but I took it over and hand-sewn it. It looks a lot like Lulu.


These are the rest of the embroideries made monthly. Next, I want to start another self portrait, done on handwoven fabric died with turmeric, and after that a spring grass one. Future is nicer when you have embroideries in it :). january december november october september august july june mai april march


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