I don’t collect watches (it would be too expensive, for sure), but I have a few that belonged to members of my family and to me. The oldest one is this Omega pocket watch. It belonged to my great granduncle, who collected many things. Not many of his things stayed with us, though, he didn’t have any children but his relatives sold after his death his collections of antiques. I always wonder what he really had in his collections, the image of his rooms filled with old stuff were a great part of my grandmother’s stories to me when I was a child. His things were bought by a collector in Bucharest, so they ended up in good hands. This watch was a gift of him to my grandmother. She gave it to me when I was in high school as a first piece to a collection of antiques that I wanted to start. It is entirely original and it still works and keeps time. I looked up the serial number and it was produced between 1913-1914.






This one is just a case I have found at the flea market for almost nothing. I think it is silver or at least silver plated. It doesn’t have the face, only the case and part of the movement, so I have no idea what watch was it (it says Swiss made on the movement and it has a serial number). I will maybe use the cover at some point and convert it to a pendant, but I’m not sure yet how I would like it to look like.




The rest of the watches are much newer but with such a beautiful design.They are all Soviet watches from early sixties till the eighties. I recently took them to be serviced and now they are all in working condition.

This one belonged to my grandmother in the early sixties. I wonder why she bought such a big wristwatch with a masculine look to it (not consistent at all with her tastes in fashion). Anyway, I really like the contrast between the tarnished face and the shiny bracelet.




This Luch one, much smaller, was also my grandmother’s in the seventies. I remember it very well on her wrist as a child. I also wore it in high school for a while and I wear it now from time to time.


This Zaria watch was a gift to me from my mother’s friend. She bought it in the early seventies from her first paycheck. It still has its original bracelet.


The silver tone Chaika was my first watch in the early eighties (I have written about it here). The other one, without a bracelet, was a flea market find.



This Chinese cheap little watch was also mine as a child. It broke almost immediately.


I keep the watches in this funny case I have found at the flea market some time ago. I suppose it’s from the sixties or seventies. The clock is still working.




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6 thoughts on “Watches

  1. You have a wonderful collection, and most of them still working! I love to think about what life would have been like for your grandparents in 1913. Before all the wars. I assume they were newly married. Sigh. If only that watch could talk.

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