This photo was taken in my town, probably around 125 years ago.


The ice-skating girls are probably also sisters. On the back it is written that the photo was taken in 1935 when Stela was 11 and Mutus was 12.


This photo (not sure if the two women are sisters or mother and daughter) was sent as a postcard from Cluj in the 15th of July 1912. The text is in German, and too difficult for me to decipher in order to google translate or something.




2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Oh, I love the suble hand-coloring on the ice skating photo!
    And I felt so free to transcribe the postcard, don’t think you mind 😉
    “Wohlgeb Frau Loise Mühlsteffen
    Schulgasse Nr. 22
    (the last word means “women’s home, I assume it is kind of a retirement home)
    “Liebe gute Grosi
    Sind glücklich angekommen. Danke dir nochmals für die freundliche Aufnahme. Hast du dir machen lassen was ich dir gesagt habe? Wünsche dir Besserung u küsse dir nochmals die Hände deine Mici”
    (= Dear good Granny. We arrived happily and thank you again for the friendly lodging. Have you had made what I told you? Wish you recovery and kiss your hands again, yours Mici)
    I am not sure how to translate the “Hast du dir machen lassen…”-sentence. Obviously she advised something, that her granny should have let made for herself or done to herself, so I am not sure if she means some kind of treatment or something physical that has to be made/crafted.
    Unfortunately we’ll never know.
    Best wishes, ette

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    1. Dear Ette, thank you so much for your comment and translation! I’m glad to see you here again and I hope you are fine! I also like a lot the hand colored photo, also the way the two girls pose holding each others hands.


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