A list for this summer

summer goals

I always write this kind of lists (for years, for vacations, for seasons, etc) in my notebooks, but I thought that it would be good to post something here and then maybe (hopefully) also have the accomplished things to show here in fall.

So, for this summer (when I also have to study for a boring exam for my job, and having something tedious to do always motivates me to do the other, nicer stuff 🙂 ) I plan to:

– learn how to weave and start two things: a piece weaved from thrifted darning thread and a piece made out of mine and my friends colorful tights that have holes in them and that I saved especially for this.

– alter a dress that a co-worker gave me and learn a few basic things about sewing.

– make a few embroidery pieces.

– draw (at least) 100 things from nature to have as examples for my students next school year, but mostly because it is nice to have a pretext to study closely acorns and pine cones and leaves and flowers.

– take a lot of pinhole photos and also use a larger variety of film cameras from my collection (I tend to use a few favorites and forget about the other ones I have).

I also plan more serious things (read, write, develop a new art project, etc.). And also be more outside, in parks and sidewalk cafes with friends.


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