This pasta cutter belonged to my great great grandmother, sometimes in the 1880s. I  know nothing about her, now I don’t even remember her name. (I asked my mother for this blog post and her name was Ana). DSCN9615 DSCN9608 The small mortar belonged to her daughter as a child, to my great grandmother, Iren. (My mother lost the pestle when she was a little girl and she still regrets it). I remember my great grandmother, I got to know her shortly in her old age and I went to her funeral. My memories of her are very foggy, though, I was very little and completely non-interested in the old lady who seemed really excited about me.

She was born in 1898 and she died at 87, after a long generalized illness that affected her body but left her memory and mind intact. Of course that I still know details of her life, passed to me by my grandmother and mother, but thinking about them now, I realize once again the frailty of this family memory, the improbability of us surviving for a little while in the minds of our descendants. I know, of course some facts, she had three children, two daughters and a son. She loved her son the most and she survived him with 15 years. Her husband, who was a small clerk, died in the fifties. I’m not sure what she studied and what she liked to do in her free time. I know things about mistakes she did, that I won’t mention here. I don’t know at all if she had friends, what books she liked, what was her favorite food.

I know that she was quite poor and the lack of money was always something on her mind. My grandmother said that she most probably secretly admired the communist party activists, who in the late twenties, when fascism was rising in Romania,  were acting in illegality risking their freedom and lives. But still, she was ashamed to open the door for them when they would bring leaflets and papers from door to door, ashamed of her neighbors, afraid for her husband’s job. But how can I really judge the political circumstances of someone else, from my position in the future?

These photos I have of her are much earlier thought, when she was a young woman, not married yet. I have an uncanny physical resemblance to her (she is posing in these photos with her sister and cousin, she is the one on the left in the first photo). I always thought that it could be me in these photos. IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0001

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