A photo album

A few years ago, I have seen online this photo album. The vendor was saying that it contains photos from 1946 till 1958 of a group of friends traveling in different parts of Romania. The few photos that he posted with his add were really intriguing. My friends and I were (and are) really interested in that period, when socialism was built in Romania and we thought it could be a great material for our work. To see the changing cities and so on. We payed for it more than we usually do for our collections. But when it arrived, we were kind of disappointed. It’s true that the people in the photos traveled all around the country and they took beautiful amateur photos processed by themselves, but their images were somehow atemporal. There are almost no cities in their pictures, only nature and historical landmarks, like medieval castles and monasteries. When they visited one big city, Cluj, they took photos of a few historical buildings and especially of the botanical garden. So, not much material for our work.

But besides that, it is a really nice album, really serene with these young people traveling by train, hiking in the mountains, spotting rare animals and plants and taking beautiful, sometimes eery photos in caves, near glaciers and on mountain tops. The person who made the album even made funny little drawings for the chapter pages of each travel and wrote short comments for each photo. They seemed happy.













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