Macro photos with Zenit E camera

I want to take some nice film photos this summer of the different plants that grow in the urban garden my friend created next to our building. I experimented a few days ago with my Zenit E camera and close up rings.The camera was my mother’s birthday gift from my grandfather when she turned 30, in the early eighties. She used it for a while, then forgot about it when she bought a point and shoot. It was my only camera for a long time, before digital cameras existed, using it in high school and then later, as an art student, for everything: school projects, documenting my paintings, taking silly photos at birthday parties, etc. I used to take it with me everywhere, even if it’s so heavy. A good, reliable camera, even its selenium cell meter is still working.





These close up rings were made for me when I was a teenager by one of my friend’s acquaintances. He was working in a former socialist factory (that wasn’t closed down yet) and used sometimes the machines there for his own projects. He made me these close up rings for very cheap (while I couldn’t afford to buy the “real” ones).




It felt good and comfortable to pick up again these camera and rings that were so familiar to me some time ago. The film that I used for these plant photos is some cheap Agfa film expired in 1991. I meant to buy a fresh one for these photos, but I forgot, and then the light was so good and I had the time so I thought I’ll use the film I have. It was a 100 ASA, but I exposed it as 65. The best images are the ones that I was thinking I am overexposing, but I guess you have to take longer exposures  because you go with the lens so close to the subject and there is a much smaller amount of light getting to the film. (I’m mostly writing this down for myself, to remember later.)

Even if the film is so grainy, still I like these first experiments very much. I picked up a fresh film today and I’m planning more photos of weeds and flowers and fruits.

zenit_mai 2015_0021

zenit_mai 2015_0022

zenit_mai 2015_0001

zenit_mai 2015_0018

zenit_mai 2015_0016

zenit_mai 2015_0004

zenit_mai 2015_0007

zenit_mai 2015_0012

zenit_mai 2015_0026

zenit_mai 2015_0025

zenit_mai 2015_0024

zenit_mai 2015_0019

zenit_mai 2015_0020


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