Romanian blouse

I have these two beautiful traditional Romanian blouses. I used to wear them a lot as a high school student in the nineties when it was a strong hippy revival for my generation. I was also wondering lately if this obsession with traditional blouses we had back then had also a nationalistic vibe (quite possible for the nineties) although I wasn’t at all aware of it. I was just a girl in blue jeans and a Romanian blouse and long, messy hair. 🙂 Since a few years now, there is again a big trend in wearing these blouses, the way they are or refashioned, but now I am absolutely certain that this is part of a nationalistic trend. So, even if I think these blouses are absolutely beautiful and precious, I cannot wear them without fearing that I would be part of the current that moves mainstream culture and politics so dangerously towards the right. One of these blouses has a very nice history. It was made by my great-aunt (that I have never met). She was the sister in law of my grandfather and her name was Chiva. My mother told me that she was considered quite ugly as a young woman, but very interesting and smart and of course this was a very bad mix when it comes to getting married. So, she was already in her late twenties and not married and her parents tried to convince her to marry someone whom she didn’t like at all. This was happening in the early sixties, in the countryside in the south of Romania. She told her parents that she has found her religious calling and she decided to join a convent. She stayed in the monastery for a year, and meanwhile she kept in touch with my grandfather’s brother, whom she liked. After one year, she left the monastery and married my grandfather’s brother. She made the blouse while in the monastery. It is beautifully made, with so much attention to details. DSCN8482 DSCN8486 DSCN8487 DSCN8491 DSCN8489 DSCN8499 DSCN8494 I don’t know the history of the other blouse I have. I have bought it in a village in Bucovina, in northern Romania, in the early nineties. It’s maybe older than the other one and I love its subdued colors. DSCN8505 DSCN8520 DSCN8511 DSCN8508 DSCN8514 DSCN8515 DSCN8516 DSCN8512 DSCN8521

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