Polaroid 600 film

I have wanted for such a long time to find Polaroid film, but it seemed quite improbable to find one that it is still working. When I have finally spotted at the flea market a Polaroid camera in its box, with one of the films still there in its package, I couldn’t believe my eyes :). This happened a few years ago, and it was the only time I have found 600 Polaroid film. Now, even if I would find some again, it would definitely be too late for it to develop. I managed 5 photos from the 10 I had (the rest didn’t develop). When the first one pop out blank my heart sank, but the next one worked. We took portraits of ourselves on all the frames. I’m very glad to have them.







4 thoughts on “Polaroid 600 film

  1. You can find anything at a flea! My father-in-law still has his Polaroid. I’m going to ask about his film. It seems to me he’s used it on different recent occasions. I must be wrong. If not, I’ll share the outcomes.


    1. Yes, I would be very curious to see the outcomes! You can still use 6oo film if it was stored right, in the fridge, but somehow I doubt it that I could still find such well preserved film at the flea market now, after so many years since the film was discontinued.

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