Chanterelle mushrooms

My friends and I keep saying that we should document the food that we cook (the more special things, anyway). We rarely follow recipes and we mostly improvise, so it would be a practical thing to keep some kind of record of the food we make, so we can reproduce the dishes some other time. Also, I like so much reading what other vegans eat (I always enjoy Joann‘s posts about food and also Susie‘s). So, I thought maybe this could be interesting also outside our own practical reason.

Till now, we have been kind of lazy at doing it, but these mushrooms are kind of special, so we did take photos of the finished dish (no photos of the fresh mushrooms, though…). My friend Maria bought the mushrooms from the market, they were freshly picked from the forest. Usually, many years ago, before we were vegans, we would eat this type of mushrooms in a sour cream based sauce. But we have realized that zucchini peeled of its harder skin and cooked without adding any water is a great base for these mushrooms, with a perfect texture and a subtle taste that brings out the taste of the mushrooms.

So, we had around 500 grams of the mushrooms, 4 green onions (she used both the white and green parts), one big zucchini, 3 carrots, parsley and dill (a lot of dill) and around 2 cups of oat milk (that was used instead of water). At the end, she used 2 spoons of flour to thicken the sauce.

She pealed the zucchini, carrots, she diced everything (zucchini, carrots, onions and mushrooms) and cooked them in a little bit of oil (without water). At some point, when the liquid from the zucchini started to evaporate, she added the oat milk. Towards the end, when the mushrooms were almost cooked, she added the parsley and dill, salt and pepper and the flour.

It was really delicious, with a great texture, too. (The plate is from the flea market, of course :).




9 thoughts on “Chanterelle mushrooms

  1. hmmm, chanterelles! I can’t wait for them to come into season here, it should be soon. by the way, I’m trying to catch up with myself on many fronts, this month has been super busy with my mum visiting and other things too, so the letter writing was put on the back burner. i’ll write soon though (and hope that you’ve got the sewing book and quick letter accompanying it, i knew it’s gonna be impossible to write while i had family around.) x A.


  2. Feed me! Delicious food. Thank you for sharing. I am in a black ceramic dinnerware phase at the moment. But I’m sure that when I snap out of it and start collecting vintage dinnerware, I will be an unstoppable force. x


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