We ate a lot of homemade pesto last summer, after a dinner at a friend’s house sparkled the obsession. But after a while, the taste of the basil became too overpowering and we stopped making pesto. This year, another friend told us she makes it with a lot of parsley together with basil, because her daughter likes it better that way. And she is right, the taste of basil is much nicer and subtler when mixed with parsley. I think the pesto obsession is here again :).

This time we have used sunflower seeds as the base for the pesto (usually we make it with cashew nuts, but we didn’t had any at home). This sunflower seeds version is much cheaper also, and the taste is more or less the same.

So the ingredients are: sunflower seeds (left in water to get softer for a few hours), sesame seeds, garlic, basil, parsley (we used 2 parts basil and one part parsley), olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. (I don’t write down the quantities because everything is pure improvisation according to how we would like it to turn out, to taste more or less the garlic, to have it more or less salty, spicy, etc.). Everything blended and it is ready very fast. In this photo, there is the quantity we have eaten for dinner as a side to a mushroom dish, in a vintage arcopal tiny casserole.



5 thoughts on “Pesto

  1. Thank you and yum x 3! I would love to try this. I’m testing out some gluten free pasta and would like to try a pesto that’s not bottled already. The taste is so familiar there won’t be any surprising taste sensations. I wanted to try new on new. x


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