Vegan stuffed peppers


I have never liked the traditional version of this dish before being a vegetarian and then later a vegan. But this version, made with seitan in the stuffing turned out really nice. As usual, this is not really a recipe, as I don’t know the exact quantities for each ingredient, it is just something that I write down as inspiration and fur future reference, when we want to make again something similar.

There are three things that have to be prepared: the seitan, the stuffing for the peppers and the sauce.

So, these are the ingredients for the seitan:

– wheat gluten flour (neither of us is allergic to gluten, so we are big fans of seitan in different forms)- approximately 150 gr

– 3 onions

– 1 head of garlic

– red pepper powder, cumin, pepper, turmeric, salt, curry, cilantro

– grinded linen  – 2 spoons

– some water or soup to make the mixture more runny.

All of the ingredients, except the gluten flour, are blended together. The mixture should be really spicy, much spicier than you would normally eat, because the taste will soften when the seitan boils. Then the flour is added gradually to these paste and it is mixed together with a spoon until it looks like a dough. But the dough shouldn’t be too firm and elastic, it should be a bit runny, so that it would be easily mixed with some other onions and carrots and rice for the stuffing.  What is original in this recipe 🙂 is that we don’t boil the seitan dough in a vegetable soup but mix it with vegetables and boil it as stuffing in the peppers. We usually make the seitan this way (even when we eat it as a different dish), mixing it with vegetables and spices before boiling it and making it more tasty this way.

For the stuffing, the ingredients are:

– seitan

– 2 onions

– 2 carots

– 2 cups of rice

– dill

After the peppers are stuffed, they are put in a pot to boil with enough water to almost cover them.

The ingredients for the sauce are:

– the water in which the peppers boiled

– tomato sauce

– salt and peper

– oat flakes to make the sauce ticker

Usually this sauce should be sweet, so also sugar can be added, but ours was sweet enough from the tomatoes and the onions in the stuffing.

This is it. It takes longer then a usual meal, but we did eat them for three days and the taste is the same when you warm them up the next days.


The plate is a fun arcopal one with vegetables pattern, a flea market find, of course.

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