Ginkgo leaf

This is my latest embroidery, a ginkgo leaf on a hand dyed piece of cotton. I have dyed the cotton some time ago with onion peels. I found the color and texture of the cotton as very realistic for a pressed ginkgo leaf. I have used some very thin thread that I have found in a sewing box at the flea market.

frunza gincko


3 thoughts on “Ginkgo leaf

  1. I really like the style of your embroideries. They look so light and spontaneous, kind of effortless or better ingenious.
    You always show the embroidery itself, do you keep them like this, as pictures, works of art or do you use them for other projects?


    1. Thank you, Ette, for your nice words! I keep the embroideries as they are for now, I’m not sure yet if I will include them in a larger project or maybe frame some of them. But I mostly see them as textile drawings or paintings.


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