Pickled chanterelles


Pickled mushrooms are so good and, of course, they are better when homemade. These came out really nice, even if we didn’t have the patience to wait enough days and we opened one of the jars kind of early. But it was good still, even if the ones that will pickle more will be definitely better,

We have boiled the chanterelles for a little while before pickling. We have put them into boiling water and left them there for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we have boiled a mixture of 1 liter water, 300 gr vinegar, 1 spoon sugar, salt and pepper, allspice and dill (that we put into the water with their stems and took out after boiling).

We put the mushrooms and onions together with the water mixture in the jars. Usually the jars should be boiled too, so they are sterile in order for the pickles to be conserved, but we didn’t bother to do that. We know we would eat these quite soon. DSCN8973



The plate is a beautiful old one, marked Staffordshire England.


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