Welta Weltix







I have bought this camera online a few years ago, to celebrate a new job. It was more expensive than I usually pay for cameras (around 45 euro), but it was really worth it as I have used it a lot with good results. It’s kind of small and light for being metal and for its capacities and it is a beautiful camera. It was produced between 1938- 1950. I have tried to find out more about the production year of my camera, searching the serial number of the shutter but I couldn’t find anything relevant. Most of the photos I posted here were taken on very expired film, as I rarely buy fresh film, but still the colors and details are quite nice.

oct_noi 2013_0005

dec2012_ian 2013_0012


ian 2012_0005

ian 2012_0008

ian 2012_0018

ian 2012_0022

ian_feb 2012_0006

ian_feb 2012_0013

ian_feb 2012_0020

iunie 2012_0006

iunie 2012_0009

mai 2012_0001

mai 2012_0013




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