Vegan caramel pudding with mint

prelucrata This is a really fast desert option. Not the healthiest maybe but anyway much healthier than the pudding you buy at the supermarket. Again, we don’t know the quantities, we improvised it. The ingredients are: brown sugar, flour, almond milk, fresh mint leaves, coconut butter. We made caramel from the sugar (just put it in a pot on a low flame and stirred continually, because it burns really quickly). When the sugar is caramelized, we put in a few spoons of flour, as much as it is possible to incorporate and to have a pudding texture. Meanwhile, the almond milk was boiling in a separate pot and after the flour was incorporated, we added gradually the hot milk and the fresh mint leaves, stirring continually. When the texture and taste is right (not too runny, not too tick, not too sweet), we added one-two spoons of coconut butter (according to how heavy you want the pudding to be and how much you want to taste the coconut). It was really tasty and filling, with a nice, minty flavor.


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